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The following decorative craft butterflies is made from Natural Feather and hand-painted with exquisitely design,Wonderful
crafts accessories for floral arrangement,flower promotion,party, home,wedding,gathering, event,holiday decorations.
From feather butterfly collection you can choose and mix more styles of our butterflies to make many butterfly decorations
such as butterflies garland,butterflies spray, butterflies curtain, butterflies wreath, butterflies frame,hanging butterflies,or
more.Pls go to our Decroative Butterflies,Artificial Sheer ButterflySheer or Fabric Craft Butterfly if you like the Butterflies made from Sheer or thin Fabric.

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Fantanstic Butterfly Decorations

The decorative butterfly decorations displayed are all handmade artificial pastel butterflies made from feather,sheer,fabric,then handpainted into wonderful decorative butterflies,the decorative butterflies are mainly done as butterfly theme decorations for wedding,home,nursery,parties ornament,Besides butterfly decorations on these themes our decorative butterflies is also widely used for floral sales promotion as decorative accessories.The Feather butterfly including feather butterflies,butterflies garlands and butterflies spray is all fumigated prior to the shipment so our feather decorative butterflies is safely free of any disease and pest.For unique butterfly decorations assembled the decorative butterflies can be sticked by wire,or on magnet or with clip or stringed into butterflies garlands,or butterfly spray as any ways you want to make different butterfly decorations.we can have 6-12pcs butterflies(more or less) stringed in one thread longer than 200cm,or 100cm short less butterfly spray or butterflies garlands,Pls click our butterflies links to choose more styles of our butterflies to mix different styles of butterflies if you hope to combine more styles of butterflies into butterflies spray or butterflies garland.We have much varity of butterflies in assorted colors so you can choose and mix our decorative butterflies to make variety of butterfly decorations such as Basket Butterflies,Butterflies Screen,Butterflies Dish,>butterflies greetings card,butterflies knick-knack, butterflies stand,Butterflies Wreath,Curtain Butterflies,Butterflies Frame,Butterfly Hanging,Butterflies Magnet Sticker on freezer, ,or more besides Butterflies Garlands and Butterflies Spray.You can also supply us your customed butterfly design for making your own butterly decoration if you have special request for the different decorative use.Besides the decorative butterflies collection we also have large collection of artificial birds,ladybug,bees,dragonflies so you can use you imagination to combine bees,dragonflies,berry wreath,berry spray,fruit decorations to make a great cherry butterfly decorations,birds decorations or draogonflies decorations.In 2008 we made out new style of butterfly with double wings from feather butterfly and sheer butterfly combined into one,Two layers of different styles butterflies from different material make one stunning butterfly which is unique butterfly decorations different from others.As China manufacturer we can make more butterfly decorations according to your sparkle idea and produce assembled butterfly decorations of all sorts you want.Working with us you could get the butterfly decorations you have never imaged before.

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